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Making invention into words

We find significance in the first interview with the inventors, as our patent attorneys have encountered cases in which the inventions disclosed by clients endorse undisclosed supremacy that even the inventors themselves have not noticed. We believe that deriving and verbalizing such essential part of the invention is what we are here for.

We examine each invention with care and devote our expertise to prepare the claims and specifications, considering how to maximize its value. This requires a thorough hearing and research of various factors: the projected area and schedules of commercial use, size of business, competitors with similar technologies, sales destination and suppliers, trend in technology and product development roadmap. Subsequently, we select the countries for international applications to plan timelines for patent registration and target in number of cases. This intensive approach lets us study each invention to a level in which we could offer fruitful information to our clients, both for IP division and business division to consider their IP strategies.


    Ken Sasaki

           Patent Attorney, JAPAN​


Established on March 2021

Total number of Patent Attorneys: 4

Our Service: Patent Prosecution, Japanese Prior Art Search, Consultation Service
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